Hi Friend!

I feel so honored to receive your presence in this field. It seems that consciousness drew us together for your expansion 🔥

Ready to shift into higher states of consciousness?

Do You Wish to Play yourself to
F r e e d o m?

Then it is my joy to assist you in your path of Healing | Alignment providing guidance while bringing you to clarity as we Transmute | Re-contextualize Suffering: Denser Energy fields | Thought-forms and Embody more of Our-Self: Divine Love.💜🌀

I reached out to Nicky after receiving a cosmic jolt from the universe during the midst of a very rocky awakening.

She helped me to move into a deeper space of acceptance and honor the transmuting & clearing process of the integration work required.

This helped me to become more embodied and within a few days after chatting I felt an increased connection to not just to higher planes of love but also myself and my inner child.

If you’re thinking of working with someone…

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nicky. She’s a beautiful being and very gifted on an intuitive and energetic level. She will meet any seeming problem you’re facing with a smile and a very reassuring high vibe 🌈🔥🙏

Thank you Nicky ❤️

Mike Eveleigh, Entrepreneur & Healer, United Kingdom

As the world changes and more people on planet earth have begun to awaken than ever before, understanding and raising consciousness on a collective level becomes a purpose for living many are now starting to embrace and understand, like all learning you can read many books from teachers on raising consciousness, but there is nothing like actively practicing it yourself, Nicky is a great teacher of practice, in the 12 months or so of following her journey of awaking and evolving through direct practice, she changes and embraces every aspect of the process and holds a mirror up for others to see the change with complete surrender, she channels source energy in a way that is inspiring and I am grateful to have met and interacted and shared some of her energy which was a catalyst for a kundalini experience of awaking and expansion of my own consciousness. She is a beautiful being and expression of source energy that is ever-changing, growing, and contributing to the expansion of the whole. I am excited to see how all-being consciousness evolves!

Luke Halford, Crypto-Coach & Writer, United Kingdom

Nicky has been one of the greatest, if not THE greatest aspects of my self-realization journey. When we met, I was really stuck in the mud and struggling to fall deeper into myself. Since then, my relative growth has been tremendous and through her teachings, I have begun to “effortlessly create my preferred reality”. Nicky’s direct, balanced, and compassionate approach offers you the most important reminder of all – that no matter what questions you ask, how far you travel, or how hard you look, you will only find more of yourself. I am grateful for every waking second she gives to me, it is and has been such a blessing. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Phillip Belloff , Non-dual Awareness Coach, Chicago

Since I watched Nickie’s videos on YouTube, I feel more present, aligned with myself and my surroundings – which ultimately brings more love and appreciation to everyday life. There is something special about Nicky, she is definitely passionate about what she is teaching and it never seems forced – feels more like a genuine conversation with a friend who truly cares and loves you! Thank you for inspiring!

Vadim Petrov, Entrepreneur & Pianist, Ogre Latvia

“Oh my goodness,  it is an honor to meet you and work with you.  I am so grateful for this gift from Source.

One of the issues I had with regular therapy or pyschology, was that they were kind of catering to the ego. They did not understand the destructive process of the intergration and purification of the ego. They did not really recognize the Eternal Self as who we are but a more transitional state of conciousness. It was very limiting. It was helpful through the process it served and I am grateful for that. But speaking with you was like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for your friendship.”

Bill, Spiritual Songwriter & Poet, Richmond CA

Who is Nicky?

Nicky is a Heart-Based Manifestation Mentor. 🌀You can read one of her stories in the first chapter of this E-book..

Enter the P o r t a l ⚡️

In this Space we will explore your consciousness/mind together, find out where you are stuck, and shift to the next level (Accelerate your manifestations). 

We bridge the gap from conceptual understanding to an embodiment of these c o d e s, although I suggest having more than one session for integration purposes- If you are open and honest, we can catalyze/accelerate your process in one interaction.

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