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Manifest The Life You Deeply Desire

By Awakening Your Heart’s
Highest Resonance

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"The questions Nicky asked opened big cathedral doors in my mind!"
- M.K., Toronto, CA -

Join Me On a 5-Week Program Designed To Help You Create a Life That Absolutely Sets Your Heart On Fire

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

Creating Reality
With The 3 Cs

Week 5


Right now, your heart has everything it needs… to manifest all it desires most. 

With ease, lightness, wonder, celebration, and mystery. 

I find it funny when people say, “You can’t have it all.” 

Because you absolutely can! 

You can have limitless abundance… embody your soul’s calling… nourishing relationships, deep, passionate, romantic love… 

You can be sensually free… have amazing health and beauty… 

And you can have all of that while you experience quantum spiritual growth (and maybe even progress toward full-blown enlightenment).

There truly are NO LIMITS. 

This is the path that I’m personally on… and I’m blessed by new miracles every single day. 

Miracles which prove to me this dream of “having it all” is not only real and attainable for me… 

It’s possible for anyone, including YOU.

But My Life Wasn’t Always So Miraculous...

Long before I started balancing love, abundance, and spiritual growth…

I battled deep depression and suicidal thoughts.

I never received the love I so desperately longed for as a child.

So it should come as no surprise that this lack of love caused me to seek out love in all the wrong places… finding myself in a series of toxic relationships.

I didn’t realize it at the time… but deep down, I felt unworthy of true love and appreciation.

So I settled (and suffered horribly).

It got so bad at one point — someone recommended I begin 12 steps.

That One Decision Changed My Entire Life...

Joining a 12-step group was profound on its own… but it was especially powerful for me… because it introduced me to the work of Dr. David Hawkins (who I still, to this day, regard as my spiritual teacher).

I became obsessed with Dr. Hawkins. I read his every book, listened to every audio…

My life began to change for the better. I healed my relationships, met an amazing man, started my coaching business; any luxury I wanted was suddenly within my fingertips… Life seemed perfect.

And for a little while, it was.

But as I continued to study my teacher’s works, I realized that my BEING — my inner world or “consciousness” — was the real source of my happiness.

And as I continued this process, my “level of consciousness” (LOC, as he calls it) began to rise rapidly.

It shot up so fast, in fact, that I had what the ancients called a “kundalini awakening” (a phenomenon where spiritual energy rises through the spine and opens up the chakras).

After that happened…

I Spent An Entire Year IN ABSOLUTE BLISS...

When people say, “I was so blissed-out”… they’re talking about being super joyful for a few minutes, or hours, or at most — a day.

But just imagine being orgasmically blissed-out — virtually every moment of every day — FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!

Such deep waves of joy and ecstasy flowed through me… I literally thought I was enlightened.

(Newsflash: I wasn’t. I eventually came down.)

It was because I wasn’t fully integrated or “embodied” in my process.

I still remember how difficult it was to go from a year of absolute ecstasy… to feeling pain again.

But it was all ultimately a blessing — because it led me to even deeper aspects of my being, including “shadows” and unconscious or unaligned areas that were holding me back.

That awareness drove me to go beyond Hawkins and learn everything I could about a wide variety of practices and modalities.

This included breathwork techniques, nervous system recalibration, grounding, causal/subtle body balancing, functional capability, archetypes integration (based on the work of Carl Jung), and so much more.

I honestly tried so many things…

I’m Sure I Seemed A Little Crazy From the Outside... (But I Honestly Didn’t Care)

I was so committed that I even left my amazing 5-year romantic partner, who represented ALL my “security” at the time.

Deep down, I felt like I needed to let go of the comforts of my previous life…  and put everything I was learning to the “test.”

I wanted to see what would happen if I followed my heart’s resonance — aka what lit me up most…

My deepest desire was to use all that I’d learned (and BECOME) to spontaneously create a new life… from a place of joy, play, and ease.

I took a leap of faith, spending over a year traveling all over the world, following my bliss, and being open to every new experience or opportunity Divinity sent my way.

I didn’t always know where I was going to land, what I was going to do, or even how I would afford it all… I just blindly trusted whatever my heart told me.

I found that the universe had my back every time, without fail.

I was always taken care of.

I’d found TRUE security.

It was so magic and obvious that I was living differently; people began asking me if I could help teach them how to manifest THEIR desired reality.

This led me to a deep insight…

Manifesting Through The Heart Is Essential

As human beings, we were all born with the miraculous power to manifest virtually anything we truly desire.

That said, there are different levels and qualities to manifesting.

Not all are equal.

On one level, we can manifest through the mind — which involves visualizing what we want… holding it in mind… and then acting or “willing” it into existence.

Most people manifest like this.

And the only limit here is that the mind is DUAL in nature (right/wrong, good/bad, heaven/hell).

This means that anytime we manifest something through the mind… we tend to focus on what we want — and we ignore the other side or “effects” of what we manifest.

This is why it’s possible to get what we want and still not be happy.

Focusing On The Mind (And Ignoring The Heart) Often Keeps You Stuck And “Grasping For More”...

For instance, through the mind, we could manifest money… and not realize that we’ve also manifested fear of loss… or guilt over having more than others…

You get the point. There’s almost always an invisible consequence from mind-based manifestation.

This is why it’s so important to manifest through the heart.

The heart is ONE.

It is, by its very nature, complete.

There is no shadow or hidden element to heart energy.

This is why manifesting through the heart not only results in the outcome we want… it also produces joy… excitement… and good for all.

It’s a win-win for all parties.

This explains why I would always manifest anything I needed or wanted… and always at exactly the right time. The heart just knows in a way that the mind never can.

All of this should give you a sense of why I’ve been obsessed with refining my own personal process for manifesting through the heart… using what I call Heart Resonance Manifestation. 

And why I’m sooooo excited to share it with you today.

So, if you’re ready to make a quantum shift in any (or all!) areas of your life…

Then this is a process I’m going to guide you through over the next 5 weeks… 

It Has Worked For Me And My Clients
And It Will Work For You, Too

Over and over, those who’ve experienced mere parts of
this process have been blown away…

The 5 Week Journey To Manifest
The Life You Deeply Desire

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4

Creating Reality
With The 3 Cs

Week 5



Heart Resonance
Manifestation With Nicky

A 5-Week Program Designed
To Help You Create a Life That
Absolutely Sets Your Heart On Fire

Each week, we’ll connect for a 1-on-1 Zoom call and go deep into each step in the process. 

The intention is to take you from wherever you are now… to you being able to manifest anything you dream of… 

All through your HEART. 

Because again, I don’t just want you to get what you want. 

Creating “what” you want is a lot easier than most people think. 

Because my highest excitement is for you to be HAPPY… 

Not just “kinda happy”… but ecstatically and orgasmically happy… 

And my commitment is that you radiate this happiness BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER you create everything your heart desires. 

You’ll find that this not only helps you manifest more effortlessly — but you also enjoy every moment of the quest a million times more! 

Each week includes a 1-on-1 coaching call, with an integration exercise and text support. 

What We Cover In The 5-Week Program:

Week 1

Ecstatic Attunement

The first step in the process is attuning to what your heart most deeply desires. 

In my experience, most people have a sense of what they want — but it’s not crystalized fully. Or elements of it can be “foggy” or unclear. 

This gets in the way of manifesting because you can’t be fully energized without that level of clarity. 

In our first session together, I will guide you through a process where we “attune” to an even deeper expression of your heart’s desire. 

It can be in one area of your life or multiple areas. 

Then, we play (yes, always with the spirit of play!) using words and energies to see what gives you the most undeniable joy. 

My intention is for you to be so electrified and bursting with joy about your newfound clarity that you can hardly sit still! 

You’ll find that this first call alone gives you a jolt of energy and inspiration about moving forward. 

You’ll sleep with more peace… and wake up with more excitement, often feeling lit up all day — because you SEE just how possible it is to BE what your heart intends to create. 

Once you’re in that space, we move to… 

Week 2

Unconscious Clearing

As you build powerful and joyful momentum toward what you want, anyone on this quest will typically find that fears… doubts… and “blocks” may arise.

This is natural and normal.

Your unconscious is showing you where you must “clean house” — so you can live in full alignment with the new vision you are manifesting.

On this call, we’ll go through any areas of blockage or “stuckness” — including limiting beliefs, old energies, ancestral karma, traumas, and anything standing in your way.

More importantly, I’ll not only help you clear anything that arises in the session…

I’ll teach you how you can do this on your own.

This is important — since there are inevitable “layers” that you’ll need to move through as you become more energetically powerful and aligned.

By the end of this call, you’ll feel unbelievably light… energized… and EVEN MORE “ON FIRE” in the direction of what you are manifesting.

And you’ll be ready for the next call…

Week 3

Activating Authenticity

We’ve all heard of the importance of being authentic. 

Yet, authenticity is more than just an expression — and it’s more than a state of being. 

Authenticity is also a moment-to-moment practice. 

Because from the moment you uncover what’s TRUE for you… the universe will test you. To see just how committed you are. 

And that’s where the practice comes in. 

Together, on our third call, I’ll help you recognize when you’re being truly authentic… and how to know when inauthentic (aka “not you”) patterns arise… which can sometimes be subtle. 

More importantly, I’ll show you how to transcend them in the moment. 

With each test you pass, you’ll find yourself leveling up — and feeling unstoppable. 

Your confidence in who you are will begin to snowball… 

And in this process, you’ll go beyond just knowing what you want… you’ll BECOME the frequency of all you were meant to create. 

This sense of knowing will become so strong inside you — you’ll want to speak it out into the world (and into existence!)

This is the beginning of the fourth step… 

Week 4

Creating Reality With The 3 Cs

As you fully embody what comes through in the first three weeks, I will guide you through something I call “Clarity of Communication in All Connections.”

Why? Well, I love the ancient passage that says; our Higher Power literally SPOKE all creation into existence — through the sacred power of words.

I believe that as reflections of Divinity, human beings are the same.

When clear, we can literally speak our creations into existence, especially when our throat energy (or chakra) is fully open.

That’s a big part of what we explore on this fourth call and week together. I’ll help you practice clearly communicating your truth and desired manifestations… in ALL your connections.

And I’ll help you remove any obstacles in you having a powerfully open throat — so that you can continually speak what you feel and desire… into reality.

By this point, you’ll be well on your way to creating what you came to me for — and likely more than you initially imagined possible.

In fact, so much of what you’ve wanted to manifest through your heart may have begun to appear by this point.

All that is needed is the final step…

Week 5

Alignment of Action

This is the final step in materializing all your desires.

Because by this point, momentum alone will likely carry you to everything you set out to create on this quest.

The only thing that can possibly stop you, is falling out of alignment.

Think about it like a car. If you’re heading straight down the road, even if you ease off the gas pedal… the car will keep going.

The car would only go off course if you turned the wheels off the road (going out of alignment).

It’s the same with your life.

To manifest your most ambitious dreams and desires… it’s key to stay continually aligned, day by day, to ensure that you hold the frequency of your heart’s resonance. 

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be “hard work.” 

On the contrary! It can be effortless… fun… playful! 

It’s joyfully dancing and blissing out in the energy that the field reflects back to you, in each moment. 

Because, in reality, we’re all playing one big divine game. We don’t have to be so serious, all the time. This can be FUN. 

I want you to love the process just as much as the result. 

Remember — and write this on your bathroom mirror if you have to… 

Happiness isn’t a result of your manifestation. What you manifest is a result of the frequency of happiness you embody. 

Proven Tools
I Work With To
Support You

I used a wide range of tools to support you during our calls, between calls, and beyond. My goal is for you to begin to gain proficiency in these strategies so that you can also use them on your own. 

This includes…  

Proven tools i work with

Accessing “the Field”

Dr. David Hawkins, Joe Dispensa and countless others talk about “the field” — which I personally define as an invisible, infinitely intelligent energy system with consciousness and information beyond space and time. We access it through a process scientists call quantum entanglement.

The field has become an increasingly magical, miraculous, moment-to-moment part of my existence in this lifetime. It’s so juicy, alive, wise, and abundant. Every high-consciousness person I know is constantly tuning into the field, reading the energy, receiving guidance, and trusting what comes through.

This is when “the miraculous becomes continuous” as Hawkins says — and THAT is my intention for you!

Energetic Clearing

Whenever we feel stuck, we tend to analyze the “content” of our thoughts. But in reality, all that matters is the ENERGY that produces the thoughts and state. Together, we’ll shift and clear any blocked, stuck, limited, or hurt energies within you... which are often unconscious.

You’ll be amazed by how much more efficient this is than working at the level of thought. People can spend years in talk therapy, analyzing their own thoughts. When all they really needed was to clear the energy underlying the issue — and access a higher field of consciousness. I’ll do this with you and show you how to do it.

Guided Meditation

Meditation has been a huge part of my path, especially since my kundalini awakening. These days, I often find myself spontaneously entering deep, silent states of meditation without even trying and feeling incredible levels of bliss and joy until it’s time to resume some activity in my day.

Depending on your needs, I may use short portions of our calls to guide you into deep states of meditation. This will help calm your nervous system, silence your mind, and make you maximally receptive to the guidance and wisdom wanting to come forth and support you. You’ll also walk away from these experiences with a sense of how easy and pleasurable meditation can be — and be more inspired to do it on your own.

Kundalini Breathwork

Again, everything is energy. Every mental or emotional limit we experience has a corresponding “stuck” energy in the physical body and subtle body. This could be from a trauma (current or past life), or just the buildup of tension or stagnation that becomes uncomfortable in our tissue or nervous system.
One of the most powerful ways to release trapped energy is through breathwork practices that ancient yogis perfected. I’ve adapted these techniques for our modern times so that we can practice them together and you can also do them at home, as needed, anytime you need to.

Intuitive Guidance

My kundalini awakening heightened my ability to access higher dimensions and intuitively download messages from Source... to you. I will do this for you each week on our calls, and also begin teaching you how to access these dimensions to better guide your own decisions in daily life.

Higher Self Activation

There is a version of you that is beyond all ego and limits; it has all the answers and knows what you need at every moment. The problem is that most of us are not accessing or living from this version of self each day.

Thankfully, the energy of your higher self can be easily activated and strongly felt, which we’ll do together in our sessions. Once you do this, it’s like riding a bike. You can’t forget. And it becomes easier to live from this place of wisdom and flow.

Empowering You To Realize All Your Heart Deeply Desires... Today, Tomorrow, And FOR LIFE

My intentions for you over this five week process are as clear can be:

Help you tune into EXACTLY what you want and deserve

from the highest and most exciting place in your heart...

Remove any and all blocks (conscious or unconscious)

till you realize what you desire most...

Activate the most authentic version of you

— who is ready to BE everything you need to manifest your vision...

Clearly communicate
this vision to all your connections

(including those with Divinity AND yourself) to accelerate its manifestation...

And then help you stay IN FULL ALIGNMENT with your heart’s resonance

— until it fully materializes in this dimension...

Beyond this, my intention is to empower you with the tools, know-how, and confidence to do this… over and over… on your own… 

So you can continually realize anything your heart deeply desires. 

By this point, the only thing you’re probably wondering is… 

“So What’s My Investment In This Process?”

I’ll be blunt: this isn’t for everyone. 

My current rate for 1-on-1 shifting calls is $222 per hour. And soon after the launch of this program, I plan to raise those rates to $333 per call. 

That means the coaching calls alone are worth $1665. 

Plus, in addition to the calls, I’m including two powerful bonuses to support you further: 

BONUS #1: 5 Weeks of Text Support (Within Reason) — $400 Value, FREE


Our 1-on-1 calls will be powerful. They will light you up. They will be complete.

And yet, as you progress through your work, odds are that you’ll have questions or need occasional guidance and support.

So I will make myself available via text message to answer anything… give you encouragement… or just send you energy so that you can keep moving in the right direction. 

This is, of course, within reason. I won’t answer texts at 3am… and I kindly ask that you be respectful and reach out only when you truly need help.

If that is respected, which I have no doubt it will be, I’m confident this will further speed you in the direction of all your heart desires to create. 

BONUS #2: “The 500s Club” Lifetime Community Access — a $200/Month Value, FREE

My project

I’ve mentioned Dr. David Hawkins a lot as a source of inspiration for me… and one of my favorite teachings is about the power of reaching consciousness level 500 and beyond. 

This is where you shift from mind-based living to heart-based living. 

The beauty of living in the 500s is that it really doesn’t matter what’s happening around you… you’re pretty much always happy. Whatever you manifest is just icing on the cake. 

And when 500s consciousness people get together, the power multiplies exponentially. 

So my intention with this bonus is to create a group of 500s individuals (or those who aspire to be there)… with special community privileges, support, introductions, surprise gifts and more exciting things I am beginning to envision. 

This will take a little time to materialize, but if you’re patient, it could be one of the most rewarding parts of the entire program and experience. 

“I Highly Recommend Her!”

Nicky has been one of the greatest, if not THE greatest aspects of my self-realization journey. Since then, my relative growth has been tremendous and through her teachings, I have begun to “effortlessly create my preferred reality”. Nicky’s direct, balanced, and compassionate approach offers you the most important reminder of all – you will only find more of yourself. I am grateful for every waking second she gives to me, it is and has been such a blessing. I highly recommend her.

- P. B.,Chicago.

Save $1,154 On 5 Weeks Of Heart
Resonance Manifestation Coaching
(For A Limited Time)

When you add up the value of the calls and the bonuses, you get a total price of $2,265. 

And when I look at the impact this process has had on my life (and the lives of my clients), I am convinced it’s worth FAR more than that. 

Still, I want to make this as affordable as possible for you — while still honoring my time and reflecting the seriousness of your commitment to growth. 

That’s why I ultimately settled on a price of $1,111 for the entire 5-week program.

That’s a full $1,154 off the normal value. 

And you’ll get priority booking access to me, even during times when I schedule fewer calls during travel. 

Because I want to make sure you are 100% ready to jump in and get the most from this life-changing process. 

“Helped Me to Become More Embodied And Increased Connection to Higher Planes of Love.”

Nicky helped me to move into a deeper space of acceptance and honor the transmuting & clearing process of the integration work required. This helped me to become more embodied and within a few days after chatting I felt an increased connection to not just to higher planes of love but also myself and my inner child. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Nicky. She’s a beautiful being and very gifted on an intuitive and energetic level. She will meet any seeming problem you’re facing with a smile and a very reassuring high vibe.🌈🔥🙏

“Like I Was Floating And Dreaming!”

Nicky! Thank you so much for another wonderful session. Literally felt like I was floating and dreaming. Looking forward to the next one. 🤙😎

- B.B., Arkansas.

Begin Manifesting Through
Your Heart, TODAY

It’s my honor — my life’s mission — to support individuals like you in the realization of their heart’s deepest desires.

So THANK YOU for showing up here today and taking this brief journey with me.

My hope is that we can continue together — so that I can transfer one of the most beautiful gifts Divinity has ever given to me…


I’m talking about the gift of Heart Resonance Manifestation.

And with it, the ability to attract… create… and effortlessly materialize all of the love, excitement, prosperity, adventure, fun, pleasure, and growth your soul yearns for.

I’ve shown you the 5 steps that I’ve discovered… for best activating this powerful energy.

I’ve broken down each one, so you understand how and why they work so well…

And why this entire process can be so unbelievably life-changing — if you allow it.

Now, the choice is yours. 

I would absolutely love for you to join me in this 5-week coaching program, by clicking any button on this page.

Either way, whatever you decide…

Please know that I LOVE YOU.

And it’s been a joy to be in communication with you.

I’m excited for more <3


“Huge Help To Me As a Spiritual Coach.”

Nicky has been a huge help to me as a spiritual coach. Her joyful, calm presence is usually enough to help quiet my mind and make me see sense of my situations.

“Ways To Create Deep Change In Myself.”

I have been working with Nicky as my coach and mentor. I have found her to be highly motivated to teach me about ways to create deep change in myself and the world. She is insightful and intuitive. I would highly recommend her to anyone that requires encouragement, direction, insight, creativity, and tenacity.

- A.S., Saudi Arabia.
“Helped Me Embody My Most Authentic Self!”

Nicky, you helped me embody my most authentic self more consistently than anyone else has, which is more meaningful than I can ever describe. You are living your calling. Thank you for helping me live mine. What's next?

-D.D.L., New York City.


Here's Everything You're Getting When You Join Heart Resonance Manifestation Today

Including 2 FREE bonuses to help keep you on track

Coaching Week #1: Ecstatic Attunement

In this first week, we’ll attune you to the vision that gives your heart maximum joy, energy, and spiritual fuel for living and acting from a place of divine inspiration. Set yourself ablaze with passion and wonder as you feel more alive than you have in years — maybe ever.

Price: $333.00

Coaching Week #2: Unconscious Clearing

Remove any hidden blocks, including limiting beliefs, old energies, emotional trauma, fears, doubts and perceived (or unperceived) limits — so you’re fully free to pursue your heart-channeled vision with maximum energy.

Price: $333.00

Coaching Week #3: Activate Authenticity

Learn powerful practices for not only activating the most authentic and truthful version of YOU — but also staying in full integrity with this version of yourself. This is an essential and often overlooked step in the manifestation process, because anytime we compromise our authenticity, we subtly signal we’re not worthy of what we want. With this week’s process, you’ll always be real, vulnerable, and in your essence.

Price: $333.00

Coaching Week #4: Creating With the 3 Cs

Clarify your throat channel — the vehicle for bringing your inner world into the material domain, by clearly communicating in all your connections (the 3 Cs). This is how Source, or “the Holy Spirit” or God creates — and you’ll be blown away by how powerful you become as you practice opening this channel of creation.

Price: $333.00

Coaching Week #5: Alignment of Action

This final week’s coaching and process are designed to help you build upon the momentum you’ve created, so you keep going until the results appear. This may happen during the program, or it may happen after, but either way — you’ll master the process so you can STAY in full alignment with your heart’s resonance, and manifest over and over.

Price: $333.00

BONUS: 5 Weeks Of Text Support

Receive additional guidance, inspiration, support, and answers to pressing questions from Nicky (within reason) during normal daily operating hours. Get the energy or “nudge” you need to unstick yourself and continue on the path toward your dreams. You’ll always feel like you’re just a text away from moving forward!

Price: $400.00 FREE

BONUS: “500s Club” Status With Lifetime Community Access

Be among the first to join a group that aspires to live life from the heart (level 500 on the Hawkins scale). Get lifetime access to the community, bonus content, special calls, and privileges as a trailblazer in this mission to uplift human consciousness. Work with others to create a super high field of love and support whereby we lift each other up on this path.

Price: $200.00/Month FREE

TOTAL VALUE: $2265.00


(Save $1154.00 today with this special offer)


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TOTAL VALUE: $2265.00


(Save $1154.00 today with this special offer)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I know it’s “vogue” to use a lot of New Age lingo, which may not ultimately mean anything. But in my case, I am truly sincere and intentional with every word I write and share. This is as real and effective as can be. 

More than that, every element of my work is rooted in personal experience and experience with clients. Plus, it draws upon the foundational principles of clinical psychology, somatic healing, breathwork, practices, research on meditation, emotional well-being, and mental health, plus dozens of renowned experts in these areas. 

I’ve seen it work for everyone I have had the good fortune of guiding on this journey, and I believe the same will be true for you. 

So many changes! My clients have seen changes in their health, their income, changed careers, moved to dream destinations, manifested new love, grew their level of consciousness (LOC) and so much more. 

It all depends on what your heart desires most and whether you’re willing to fully participate in this 5-week process. If so, there are truly no limits. 

Dr. Hawkins says that in the 500s (the level of the heart) — everything is non-linear. That means it can be instant, rapid, or on a timeline that we cannot predict. 

Practically speaking, most clients see inspiring changes during the actual program and then even more beyond it. 

But here’s the most important thing to remember: this is as much about helping you become far happier DURING the manifestation process, as it is about getting you the outcomes you want. 

And I can confidently say that if you show up for the sessions and play FULL ON, you will make extraordinary gains in your ability to access joy, feel love, and live from your heart’s deeper purpose. 

Yes, of course! As you attune to your heart… you will become much more magnetic, on every level. At this stage, it’s honestly sooooo easy for me to attract love that I actually have to be extra discerning about what is most aligned with my spiritual calling. 

Whatever type of connection is right for you, whatever you yearn for… I’m confident we can help you make the shifts and activate the energies needed to call it in. Let’s do it!

Simple: it’s becoming more conscious (raising your level of consciousness) and living in alignment with your heart. That’s how you feel daily bursts of joy, excitement, passion, and aliveness.

And THAT is how you manifest your desires without feeling empty at the end.

Because you did it the right way by staying true to YOURSELF (and all your heart and higher self show you) throughout the process.

You get everything outlined below (or above) plus so many other benefits and gifts that will inevitably come through the field as we work and co-create together. Expect lots of non-linear miracles and surprises. 😉 

“I Feel More Present, Aligned With Myself...”

I feel more present, aligned with myself and my surroundings – which ultimately brings more love and appreciation to everyday life. There is something special about Nicky, she is definitely passionate about what she is teaching and it never seems forced.

-V.P. - Ogre Latvia
“Like A Breath of Fresh Air.”

“It was an honor to meet and work with Nicky. One of the issues I had with regular therapy or psychology for healing was that they were catering to the ego. They did not understand the process of the integration and purification, nor recognized the Eternal Self as who we are but a more transitional state of consciousness. It was very limiting, but speaking with Nicky was like a breath of fresh air.”

-B.K. - Richmond, CA.
“A Catalyst For My Kundalini Awakening.”

“Nicky channels source energy in a way that is inspiring and I am grateful to have met and shared some of her energy which was a catalyst for my kundalini awakening and expansion of my own consciousness.”

-L.H. - United Kingdom.


If you want to book a single session — and experience the first step of Heart Resonance Manifestation yourself, use the button below.

Your first call/session can be applied to the HRM package price if you ultimately decide that you want to participate in the full program.

If you’d rather just stay in touch via email, enter your info here: